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Walimex 17681 fotostudie-reflektor Rund Sort, Guld, Sølv, Transparent, Hvid

Walimex 17681 fotostudie-reflektor Rund Sort, Guld, Sølv, Transparent, Hvid

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Beskrivelse af Walimex 17681 fotostudie-reflektor Rund Sort, Guld, Sølv, Transparent, Hvid

For more flexibility

Due to the various covers, you always have everything with you for using every light situation. That way you are more flexible in your work.

Versatile fields of use

The reflector cover with the wavy golden coating is very well-suited as main or effect light in portrait photography. It creates a warmer light characteristic. The silver cover on the other hand reflects the incident light in a very hard and cool manner. For this reason it is mainly used in product photography as a main or effect light. But it is also valued as an effect light for brightening by photographers. A soft and color neutral brightening can be achieved very well with the white reflector. The light characteristic is very homogenous and even. In order to shade specific areas, for example in portrait photography, the black cover is well-suited. Especially in portrait photography, it is used when selectively directing light. The diffuser cover of the actual reflector is known by most photographers from portrait photography, for example to soften the sunlight and therefore achieve a very soft and almost indirect lighting. As a background it is often lit from the back and therefore creates a very bright background. That way, high key shots can be created professionally.

Round shape

Due to their shape, round reflectors are perfectly suited for both portrait and product photography. Whether as a high light or effect light, these reflectors are always the first choice.

High-quality workmanship

The foldable reflector is excellent quality. Its canvassed, extra-strong spring ring guarantees smooth and wrinkle-free reflection surfaces. Used as a background, the time spent on post-production is therefore reduced. The fabric carrying bag protects the reflector from dirt. The reflector can be folded to a very small transport size and can therefore be taken anywhere.

- several covers for more flexibility

- wavy golden coating for fine, warm light characteristic with light color similar to the sun

- silver coating for hard and cool light characteristic

- white coating for soft and color neutral light characteristic

- black coating for shading, well-suited for all areas of photography

- transparent coating for a more diffuse and softer light mood, e.g., in portrait photography

- with canvassed extra strong spring ring

- foldable

- round shape

- ideal for high light or effects in portrait and product photography

- very small transport size

- incl. fabric carrying bag

Teknisk Info for Walimex 17681 fotostudie-reflektor Rund Sort, Guld, Sølv, Transparent, Hvid

Farve på produktSort, Guld, Sølv, Transparent, Hvid


Diameter56 cm

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