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Walimex pro UV Filter Slim Super DMC 55mm

Walimex pro UV Filter Slim Super DMC 55mm

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walimex pro UV Filter Slim Super DMC 55 mm

Protection from UV light and pollution
UV filters are effect filters that effectively block ultraviolet light (a natural component of sunlight) and thus contribute to better image results. Especially in outdoor photography, colors are rendered more vividly and clearly. Photographs taken in the distance, such as those often taken in the mountains, do not get lost in the haze as much as they would without UV filters. In addition, UV filters reliably protect your lens from dust, splash water and scratches on the front lens. The UV filter can remain on your lens all year round and is easy to clean.

Excellent quality and workmanship
The UV filter has excellent optical properties. The high-quality, ground filter glass is 16-fold multi-coated (DMC - especially for digital cameras). This does not reduce the performance of your lenses when used: 99% of the incident light continues to reach the lens. With a height of only approx. 2.5 mm, the filter is particularly thin, light and compact. The glass sits in a precisely manufactured metal frame. The knurled mount makes the filter particularly easy to grip and easy to twist off if necessary. The included storage box protects it from damage during transport.

Nano coating for better photos
Two layers of nano-coating ensure a clear view: Dust hardly finds a foothold to settle on the filter, and water and oil simply roll off. Unlike unsealed glass, drops do not run down the glass of the filter like on a windshield and have to be wiped off, but remain semicircular and run off on their own.

Suitable for lenses from a wide range of manufacturers
The universally matching thread of the filter fits the filter threads of lenses from a wide range of manufacturers such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Olympus, Samsung and of course Samyang and Walimex pro!


  • Height when attached: 2.5 mm
  • Height incl. filter thread: 5 mm
  • Material of the product: aluminum, glass
  • Colour: black
  • Diameter: 55 mm
  • Filter type: UV filter
  • Filter material: glass
  • Material ring: aluminum
  • Slim frame: Yes
  • Coating: DMC - Digital Multi Coating 16x


UV / beskyttelsesfilterja
Protection Filternej
skylight- og farvekorrekturfilternej
Colour Correction Filternej
Colour Filternej
Infrared Filternej
Light Pollution Filternej
Filter tilbehørnej


diameter (mm)55


Water Repellentja
Multi Coatedja
InformationUV/IR Blocking Filter

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