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Epson 10x15cm Value Photo Paper 20 sheets

Epson 10x15cm Value Photo Paper 20 sheets

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Beskrivelse af Epson 10x15cm Value Photo Paper 20 sheets

Everyday photo printing

Whether it’s the latest holiday snap destined for the fridge, pictures for a school project, or clippings for a mood board, this value photo paper will deliver Epson quality every time.

Printing is a partnership

This photo paper has been specially developed to work with Epson's range of inks to deliver the best possible quality. It can also work with any brand of rear feed inkjet printer.

Fit for purpose

Epson provides a selection of photo papers to ensure there’s the right product at the right price for every situation. The new 183gsm three-star Value Glossy Photo Paper takes pride of place at the entry level of Epson’s range. For those looking for a professional or archival quality, Epson also provides the resin-coated 200gsm four-star Glossy Photo Paper, 255gsm five-star Premium Glossy Photo Paper, and finally the 300gsm five-star-plus Ultra Glossy Photo Paper.

Choice and versatility

Ideal for an array of uses, the Value Glossy Photo Paper comes in two sizes; A4 and 10x15cm, and is available in varying pack sizes; 20, 50 or 100 sheets. The paper comes in a resealable bag, making it easy to keep it safe from moisture and light.

- Expression Premium XP-830
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- Expression Photo XP-750
- Expression Photo HD XP-15000
- Expression Home XP-455
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- Expression Home XP-215
- Expression Home XP-212
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- Epson Expression Home XP-305
- Epson Expression Home XP-30
- Epson Expression Home XP-205
- Epson Expression Home XP-202
- Epson Expression Home XP-102

Teknisk Info for Epson 10x15cm Value Photo Paper 20 sheets

Value for moneyEpson quality at an affordable price• Works
hand-in-handOur papers are designed to bring out the best in our inks• Epson quality to everyday
lifeEven scrapbook photos can look great• Fit for
purposeA low cost photo paper designed for everyday printing• Options to
suitA choice of sizes and pack volumes
Finish typeGlans
Ark pr. pakke20 ark
Kompatible produkter- Expression Premium XP-900

Mål og Vægt

Bredde100 mm
Højde150 mm
Medievægt183 g/m²

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