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Walther Design Trendstyle 18x24 Guld

Walther Design Trendstyle 18x24 Guld

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Udvalgte Detaljer

ProducentWalther Design

Beskrivelse af Walther Design Trendstyle 18x24 Guld

Walther photo frames are quality products. They show love for detail in their perfect finish, stable backboards, the practical locking systems and the readymade overlays. There are wooden en synthetic frames, traditional and timelessly elegant up to modern trendy profiles. There is a choice in sizes and colours for every taste.

Photo frames usually show up in every house. Contrarily to former times a photo frame nowadays will be replaced regularly, according to the style of the room.

Follow the taste and design and with or without an overlay? One can choose the natural material of wood, modern synthetic or a low-price Glass-only frame.

A frame may be provided with a hanger in the vertical or horizontal way, up to the size 18x24 cm (7x10 in.) always with an additional standard for use on a table.

Available in all sizes from 9x13 cm (3.5x5 in.) up to 70x100 cm (27.5x39 in.).

Teknisk Info for Walther Design Trendstyle 18x24 Guld

Billedstørrelse10 x 15 cm
Farve på produktGuld


Bredde180 mm
Højde240 mm

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