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PanzerGlass PanzerGlass iPhone X/Xs/11 Pro

PanzerGlass PanzerGlass iPhone X/Xs/11 Pro

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Beskrivelse af PanzerGlass PanzerGlass iPhone X/Xs/11 Pro

PanzerGlass™ Standard Fit Apple iPhone X/XS/ iPhone 5.8? 2019 screen protector is made of flat tempered glass and provides superior protection for the screen of your device. This glass covers only the flat surface of the device, which makes it slightly reduced in size.

The glass features at least one precision drilled hole that matches the position of the loudspeaker of the device. Additional openings may also be used to accommodate sensors, buttons and camera elements. The shape of this tempered glass is optimized to maximize protection while maintaining all functionalities of the device and ease of use. All edges are carefully rounded and polished. This screen protector is coated with an “anti-smudge” material in order to maintain and secure an excellent touch and feel, just as it would feel with the original glass. It features an optimized silicone adhesive that provides easy installation and long-term durability. It also has an anti-shatter film to avoid glass shards if the tempered glass should break. This means a PanzerGlass™ handles even extreme impacts securely and safely.

To find a Standard Fit screen protector for your Apple iPhone X/XS/ iPhone 5.8? 2019 go to your local retailer, search online or contact us here to find a retailer near you.

• Original PanzerGlass™, a tempered glass with superior protection for your screen• Shock resistant (0.33 – 0.4 mm thick glass)• Scratch resistant• Anti-shatter film (holds the glass together and protects against glass shards in case of breakage)• Easy Installation with full adhesive• Compatible with all cases• Crystal Clear• Oleophobic layer (anti-bacterial + anti-fingerprints)• 100% touch preservation• Maintains all phone functionalities

Teknisk Info for PanzerGlass PanzerGlass iPhone X/Xs/11 Pro

KompabilitetiPhone X/XS
Maksimal skærmstørrelse, kompabilitet14,7 cm (5.8")
Touch screen kompatibelJa
BeskyttelsesfunktionerRidseresistent, Stødresistent
TypeKlar skærmbeskytter
Brand kompatibilitetApple
MaterialeHærdet glas
Nem at tilføjeJa
Fingeraftryk resistentJa
Antal pr. pakke1 stk

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