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Kaiser 23.0064.6244 bageform Muffinform 1 stk

Kaiser 23.0064.6244 bageform Muffinform 1 stk

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Beskrivelse af Kaiser 23.0064.6244 bageform Muffinform 1 stk

- The outstanding non-stick coating allows easy removal of food and easy cleaning. | Item number: 2300646244

- Practical mini format for short bake times.

- Variety of uses for sweet and hearty foods.

- Small baking moulds result in decorative baked goods.

- Included recipe provides inspiration and instruction.

A muffin tray looks like a baking sheet with several shallow cups. They come in different sizes for baking six, twelve or twenty-four muffins at a time. Metal muffin pans feature a nonstick coating that makes greasing the cups unnecessary. There is no need to use paper cups, simply pour the batter in the baking pan - the dough will not stick and the muffins will be evenly-shaped. The same applies to silicone muffin trays. Thanks to the smooth surface the muffins come easily out of the pan when they are done. Muffin trays are easy to care for and can be wiped off with a damp cloth or handwashed with hot, running water.

Whether muffins or push-up cakes, the KAISER Creative collection offers an ingenious assortment of products for novel baking trends. The nonstick coating of the muffin trays makes it easy to bake the small, bite-sized cakes made of sponge batter and filled with fruits, nuts or chocolate. With the different-sized baking trays you can bake either six, twelve or even twenty-four of these mini cakes to take along as a snack or to eat right away. Let your baking imagination run wild and try out the mini donuts, cupcakes, cakesicles, chocolate bars or whoopie pies - soft cookies filled with a sweet marshmallow cream - in the appropriate pans. The black sheet metal pans give the batter an even browning and thanks to the nonstick coating it is easy to get the baked goods out when they are done. Another benefit: the nonstick-coating makes washing-up child's play - handwashing is recommended. The collection also includes an eight centimetre length, stainless steel CroRing cutter for pastry.

Teknisk Info for Kaiser 23.0064.6244 bageform Muffinform 1 stk

Beklædning, slip-letJa
Farve på produktSort
Antal pr. pakke1 stk
Antal forme pr. ark6


Bredde220 mm
Dybde340 mm

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